How to Place Metatarsal Pads: 3min 9 sec.

Correct Toes

Correct Toes toe spreaders: help prevent and cure foot problems without surgery, orthotics or medication.

Work with or without shoes*, while weight-bearing and active!

FREE SHIPPING with Correct Toes.^ CORRECTS:  bunions, hammer toes, ingrown toenails, heel pain, corns, plantar fasciosis, neuromas, capsulitis, lower leg pain, runner’s knee.  Sold in pairs.

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Generating comfort within your own skin.

Podiatrist  Designed
Clinically Proven

Try a pair of Correct Toes (CT’s), podiatrist designed and clinically proven by Dr. Ray McClanahan, who discovered he didn’t have to do so much surgery to heal feet, and legs, and help people perform better!  Regain the support you were meant to experience, that deforming shoes may have undermined the ability to use or feel.

Give your feet a chance to support you. It won’t be long until your nervous system wakes to the new options for movement in your toes and feet, tissues strengthen, and you discover a whole new world of comfortable choices for your toes, feet, ankles, legs...

CT's work not just through positioning, but by building/strengthening nervous system connections around the positioning.  Initially, they'll squeeze out of position more often due to tension, when you notice this, it's building sensory nerve connections between toes and mind. Responding by pushing them back into position reinforces the communication your feet are sending your head -effectively saying "I hear what you are saying feet".  Toes learn new motor skills by relaxing and allowing you to move them back on.  Walking/running/moving with CT's also increases this sensory and motor development by constantly asking your feet to learn to move "around" the spacers while mind learns the feelings of allowing and enjoying independently mobile, aligned toes.

Far more important than paying attention to quantity of time worn or distance covered, is paying attention to the QUALITY of your experience wearing CT's.  The nervous system is built to make reflexes that keep sensory info from reaching our head if we're in pain.  If you feel pain, discomfort, fatigue or numbness starting, it's a good time to take CT's off and wait until your feet say they're ready for another round of the workout.  We avoid building compensating reflexes and keep the sensory pathways wide open in this manner.

When you take them off, take a second to wiggle your toes, spread them, try to move them individually.  You'll notice you have more influence over them!  Your eyes watching this occur only furthers the nervous system progress.

Correct Toes come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and 90 days materials warranty, if you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days, you may return your Correct Toes to us for a refund. (See return policy for all details)   Correct Toes are designed to withstand at least 90 days of full athletic use, we will replace your Correct Toes with a new pair if the silicone fails within the first 90 days.  Seriously, run a marathon in them every day, and if they rip on day 89, send them in, & we will replace them. Correct Toes are contraindicated for use by those with Diabetes and/or Peripheral Arterial Disease.

-Initial slippage may occur for some people, and is very normal part of the process.  To avoid slippage: AVOID MOISTURIZERS OR LOTIONS on your feet when you plan to use them. Injinji toe socks will help secure them as well.

You'll notice they stay put the longer you have them on, as they're achieving the desired effect.  As your connective tissue and musculature releases misaligning tension, there is less force squishing the Correct Toes (CT's) off.

From the ground up, rise up and shine comfortably.

You may consider adding a Metatarsal Pad to your Natural Footwear to further accelerate the restructuring process:  Click here to learn more about metatarsal pads.


Per Pair

Shoes = normal gait impossible.Correct_Toes_files/Rossi%20-%20Why%20Shoes%20Make%20Gait%20Impossible.pdf
Myths about feet and footwearCorrect_Toes_files/Myths%20Regarding%20Feet%20and%20Footwear,%20patients.pdf
Why Correct Toes are uniqueCorrect_Toes_files/Uniqueness%20of%20Correct%20Toes.pdf


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Scroll down the page for video instructions, modifications, and interviews
with the inventor of Correct Toes

Leif Rustvold aka Zeke Boisei,  Portland OR ultra-marathon runner on how he came to take off his shoes!  Click to read his blog.

Physical orders ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order, making the average total shipping time to the West coast 5-7 business days, 7-10 business days on the East coast (often faster though). SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY? YOU ARE THE IMPORTER. COMPLYING WITH CUSTOMS AND ALL DUTIES/FEES/TAXES ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

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Custom fit Correct Toes to your unique feet

with these simple modifications*:

*Contact us before modifying if you are unsure.

Possibly the best foot exercise ever:

Hear more on natural foot care from Dr. Ray:

Info-graphic of features to AVOID @ your next footwear purchase.
Neuroma and Natural Foot Health: 3min. 20 sec.
The Shoe Liner Test: 3min. 30 sec.

Learn how toe position can create

Plantar Fasciosis (Fasciitis)!


Small fits most women and many children under US size 7.   

Medium fits most women size 7 and up & men under 11.5.

Large fits most men US size 11.5 and up.

Unsure? Click/print the sizing guide to the right for more help.

  1. *Shoes must be wide enough to allow spread toes without pinching.

   Some great options below:

Yes, Correct Toes can be used with Huaraches. Click to see how.

Free shipping on orders over $65.00.

$3.50 shipping to contiguous US on orders under $65.00.

Keep scrolling down, there’s videos galore!